what to wear guide summer 2016

I love when I get asked the question, “what do we wear to our portrait session?” from my clients. It means that they are invested in the process of creating great portraits and want to get the most out of their sessions with me. I have some basic pointers that I’ve shared before, but I want to bring them up again, as it’s always a great reminder to read before your session with me!

Here are my quick do’s and don’ts:

-be true to your style. if that means you’re a little quirky, nerdy, country, trendy, or classic, go with it. don’t be someone else for your portrait session. the real you rocks, trust me.

-formal rarely works for a relaxed family portrait session. you can glam up a casual outfit with accessories, but you probably shouldn’t break out the pantyhose and pocket squares. if you feel uncomfortable, you will look that way in your portraits.

-please, no words or pictures on clothing!

-patterns are great, but be careful with too many bold/clashing patterns and designs that are way too big.

-dress for the weather. this is a biggie. if your session is in July, it’s going to be HOT here in the DC area, so keep that in mind so you’re not dripping with sweat and hangry (hot-angry). Same goes for sleeveless dresses and shorts in late November. Typically not the best choice. 😉

-pick a color scheme and weave it through all the outfits of your family members. It can be bold colors, neutrals, pastels, etc. Just make sure the colors are consistent and go together.

-no sneakers, in general. Chucks are great; I’m talking the ratty (or fluorescent) running shoes that belong at the gym, not in your family portrait.

-check out the many pins on my What To Wear Pinterest board for lots of ideas.

-never, ever, ever, ever all wear the same outfit (i.e. white shirts and khaki pants) unless it’s for a joke. I know this was a trend a few decades ago, but let’s just leave it where it should be, in the past!

Here’s a little storyboard I put together of ideas for what to wear this summer 2016, all from oldnavy.com. You can probably put together a great set of outfits from what you already own, or by purchasing a few additional pieces where needed. You don’t need to spend a lot to look good, but you do need to put some thought into it! Planning the outfits for your next family portrait session will make your images look more polished and professional.

what clothing to wear for family portraits in 2016


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