Rockville MD Newborn Photographer

I went to high school with the dad of this brand new, sweet baby girl. His wonderful sister, who I also knew at school and photograph regularly, bought them a newborn session gift certificate for their baby shower. A gift that lasts longer than anything else on a baby registry could! I know this adorable family will look back on these images for years to come and wonder how the time went by so quickly. Babies are only considered newborn for the first three months, and if you ask any newborn photographer, we will tell you only for the first ten days! After that, babies tend to be more awake and not as easy to be posed into different positions. Good thing we photographed this sweetie in time. If you’re thinking about having newborn portraits taken, don’t wait until you’ve already had your baby! Email me at as early as you feel comfortable so that you can be sure not to miss this incredible time for beautiful portraits of your little one at their tiniest stage. newborn baby laughing in sleepnew family of three holding newborn dad holding newborn baby girl parents holding newborn baby newborn baby girl resting on moms shoulder yawinging newborn baby girl newborn baby girl eyelashes adorable sleeping newborn baby girl sweet close up of sleeping newborn newborn baby asleep in basket close up of newborn baby hand newborn baby sleeping on white blanket newborn baby girl sleeping on side newborn baby cryingIf you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC, please contact me to schedule your newborn session!

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