outtakes from 2013 fall family sessions | best potomac maryland family photographer

when working with young kids, i expect to snap a large number of images to capture the *perfect* moment. since when that moment happens, it tends to last for about 1/100,000 of a second, it results in some pretty interesting outtakes and bloopers. i absolutely love my clients and feel that many of them are an extension of my own family, which makes these outtakes that much more hilarious. hope you find this offbeat post as amusing as i do. i not-so-secretly kind of wish some of the families include these images on their holiday cards. 

“mommy battery. it’s par for the course.”
“everybody blinks”
“finger placement is very important”
“man’s first use of tools”
“even a contrived outtake can still be pretty darn funny”
“when clients become art directors. a series of self-guided posing”
“it’s my photo session, and i’ll cry if i want to”

“this poor sweet boy really wanted to smile and laugh for me, but his face was frozen in place with a -10 windchill factor. (late november photographer problems.)”
“DROOL! the best gifts are of the homemade variety.”
“um… tweet, TWEET.”
“very often, the sheer joy of a session with moi is simply overwhelming. (on both ends!)”
“mama said, it’s always good to try before you buy”
and last but not least, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without sharing the outtakes from my own personal family session. my boys and i are like our own tiny circus act. thankfully, my friend rachel was able to capture some keepers for us despite the apparent challenges. LOL
“wonder where they get it from?”

“happy holidays to all and enjoy the full moon!”
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