newborn session tips

1.)Try your best to keep baby awake for at least an hour or two in the morning before our session. This will help tremendously in getting posed sleeping images. A bath often does the trick, but don’t stress out if you just can’t.
2.)Wear comfortable clothing and dress for a warm room (it has to be hot in here if we want baby to sleep).
3.) Bring a few outfit options for both parents. (you might get pooped or peed on!) Baby is generally photographed in their birthday suit.
4.) Pack plenty of diapers and extra formula (if you are FF).
5.) Bring a pacifier to soothe baby. Even if baby hasn’t taken one yet, it is very useful in our session.
6.) Feel free to bring snacks for you too, as newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours.
7.) If you live nearby, try to time baby’s feeding for just before you leave home. If you have an hour or more drive to the studio, then time the feeding for when you arrive here, that will help get sleeping shots. (I also know that nursing babies that age can pretty much eat nonstop, so don’t stress about this.)
8.) I recommend wearing soft fabrics and natural colors – white, grey, beige, or pastels. Feel free to coordinate but do not match exactly please! Avoid black if possible, it shows lint and is harsh. Jeans are great, but how casual vs. formal you dress is totally up to your style.
9.) Feel free to bring one or two sentimental items or props that you may want to include in his session. No worries if you don’t have any in mind – simple is best and I have a prop closet we can utilize.
10.) If you have an older child/new sibling, it’s helpful to have entertainment for them during the session if they will stay the entire time (ipad/coloring/small toy/etc). It often works best for dad/grandparent/nanny to drive separately and depart with the older children once the family and sibling shots are taken.
11.) If Mom wants to look her very best, consider having hair and makeup done professionally at home before the session. My clients have been thrilled with both and


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