2017 outtakes, bloopers and funny faces

I haven’t blogged since we welcomed sweet baby Violette into our family, but I couldn’t miss posting my fifth annual bloopers for the holidays. Check out 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 and you may notice there are some repeat offenders. 😉 I’m frantically trying to get these pics and captions up during one of her brief cat naps, and I’m pretty massively sleep deprived, so hopefully these are mildly amusing…

baby, don’t eat THAT!bethesda baby photographer best baby photographer maryland“My mom has me on this plant-based diet…”baby photographer in md“I got bored of my thumbs so…”top maryland baby photographerI totally use my mouth as a third hand too, girlfriend.rockville md baby photographer“Mind if I borrow this?”potomac md baby photographerDo you know what joke works every time? Me neither. Probably something about poop.family photography darnestownor farting.darnestown md child photographeror ever sleeping through the night again. maternity photographer mdWhen you tell them what “sleep training” actually means.“Something is seriously wrong with this carrot.”mid session yodelThat time our pet tarantula escaped…“I see those cheesy props… don’t you dare!”“Did you get the shot already, lady!?”“I’m done here.”“Let’s take a nice picture for mommy and daddy.”Matching dresses and pouts.“Hey pretty lady, whaddya say we grab a drink after this?”“O.M.G. Becky look at her…”“The baby’s in which belly you say?”‘Tis the season to be grumpy! Who wins the best cry face?

The sweetheart with the flower bow wins. How could anyone say no to this sweet little face? Lots of doting older siblings… “Let’s see who can get her with the ball first”Most adorable diva moment of the year. 🙂Little FINGERS that caught my eye…

He ALMOST got me!She couldn’t have picked a better baby sister “I can’t talk yet, but here’s what I think about all the smothering.”“I’m totally going to sleep through this session… not.”“Who do we love to mess with the most? MOMMY!”All I want for Christmas is a nap. No, really (You just yawned. Admit it.)

Only a few wardrobe malfunctions this year.That time my husband kissed another girl… I didn’t mind because this guy totally flirted with me at our session.“You’re telling me that big guy is going to fit through our chimney?”Thanks for taking a look, guys! Merry everything, happy always and to all a good night of sleep!! Love, Helen



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