2016 outtakes, bloopers and funny faces | bethesda md family photographer

Happy December! The holiday season is officially here and I’ve been saving these gems all year for my annual bloopers post. Remember, behind every perfect holiday card you receive, it took plenty of shots just like these to get that one winner! Take a look at my outtakes from 2015, 2014 and 2013.

So Sad Our Session Had To Come To An End 😉
little boy crying newborn crying and mom laughing 3 year old girl crying 1 year old boy crying 1 year old crying with cake on faceNot Everyone Loves The Camera.2 year old scowling 4 year old giving stink eyeWhen Kids Clobber Their Parents sons smothering mother lovinglythree sons making dad fall overtwo daughters making mom fall overtwo sons making mom fall overbaby grabbing moms nose toddler laughingBest Photo Bomb of 2016wedding photo bomberSubtle Gesturesfunny blooper little boy baby girl blooperDocument all the Momentsfunny outtake from photo shootThere Goes Lunch…funny outtake from photo session funny outtake from photo sessionfunny outtake from photo sessionWho Wins The Longest Drool of 2016?funny outtake from photo session drool funny outtake from photo session droolKids Do Weird Thingstwin sisters eating dress funny outtake from photo session funny outtake from photo sessionOh No She Didn’tfunny outtake from photo sessionWardrobe Malfunctionsbaby pulling hat over face baby eating moms necklace baby showing belly baby bending showing diaperCannot. Stay. Awake.newborn yawn newborn yawn funny newborn yawnnewborn girl sticking tongue outSeriously Funny Facesnewborn funny face with family two litlte boys making funny faces in family portrait five kids making funny faces baby with stick on eyebrows and mustache funnny faces flower girls boys sticking tongue out at dad toddler throwing leaves with funny face little boy looking surprised 4 year old with pretend mustache laughingSometimes Younger Siblings Are Fun To Have Aroundbig brother squeezing baby brother big brother squeezing baby brother big brother squeezing baby sister big sister squeezing baby sister big sister pulling crying baby brother Little Brothers Revengebaby brother punching big brother little brother slapping big brother's bottomThat Age When Potty Jokes No Longer Workbig brother annoyed with little brotherAnd My Very Own Loved Onesphotographer family blooperbrothers in christmas pjs making crazy facesMerry Everything And Happy Always!!

Love, Helen

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